"Fashions fade, style is eternal"

- Yves Saint Laurent



Kitchen is the center of our daily life

Whether you are an experienced chef, seasoned host or a member of the small family, kitchen is a place where both beauty and function are more important than ever.

This is the place where everyone gets together.

Let us help and your kitchen will be the best it can be.

Change of furniture doors makes your room refreshed and unique

It helps to create your own décor, your place of comfort

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This range of doors will help you to connect a room or kitchen together into a single united composition, creating the atmosphere you desire

A wide range of colours that we offer will help you in your venture of creating the design you have always dreamed of. Keep making changes in your living room, bedroom and your children's room – none of these special spaces should be left aside.


All the doors provided by us are based on the MFC (melamine faced chipboard)

Door models differ from each other by the front surface. This allows you to choose something unique for your favorite furniture, to make the look of your room even more stylish.

We offer you a wide choice of acrylic and PVC surfaces.

Doux acrylic surfaces samples

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Gloss & Pastel


Doux range includes three types of doors surfaces

  • Laminated - 18mm MFC board faced with coloured background and laminate.
  • Clear acrylic - 15mm or 18mm MFC board faced with coloured background and 2mm thick clear acrylic.
  • Coloured acrylic - 15mm or 18mm MFC board faced with 3mm thick coloured acrylic.